About Stefan Dokoupil

Stefan Dokoupil (born June 16, 1970 in Lower Austria, Austria) is an Austrian fashion and advertising photographer internationally known for his genuine workshop series “Fashionweekend” throughout Europe (Vienna, Salzburg, Berlin, Paris and London).
Life: Before he set about to photograph, starting 1998 Stefan Dokoupil worked as a camera operator for various German film production companies and TV stations, such as Yellow Sunshine, Kabel 1, Pro 7, RTL, RTL2, ZDF and ARD.
After the decline of „the Kirch empire“, his way of life led him back to Austria, where he operated for the Upper Austrian private television broadcaster LT1, Salzburg TV (now Servus TV) and the ORF as a cameraman.
In 2006 he began to gain the necessary photographic expertise as an autodidact, two years after he went public with his first exhibition under the motto "The Seven Deadly Sins". In the same year, the internationally acclaimed art project "Clone Eve" was launched in cooperation with pencil drawer and naturalist John Wieser. Since 2008 Stefan Dokoupil is active as a workshop leader.
Numerous publications and title pages in assorted mags, such as photography, DOCMA, Star/View, Photo Magazine, StarkMagazine and Penthouse, followed – among others presenting Dokoupil’s works with R & B star Truth Hurts and Brigitta Cimarolli.
In 2012 the pictures for the "Mozart Project" were conducted in collaboration with Roman Gregory – a task which caused quite controversial reactions.
Besides the pictures of the Alkbottle CD „Forever“ were made under the direction of Stefan Dokoupil at the same time.
In October 2012 Stefan Dokoupil worked as a speaker and workshop leader at the "Image Days" in Salzburg, a photo exhibition event by the „Salzburger Nachrichten“. Since 2013 Dokoupil is represented and listed in Lürzer's Archive of the "200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide“. In 2013 the Austrian photographer founded Dokoupilphoto Ltd. in London, where he now lives and runs a studio. In 2014 he started the Fashionweekend European Workshop Tour, within which he collaborates with local and/or internationally known stylists, fashion designers and models.



  • 03/2009: DOCMA Story "Bleistift gegen Photoshop"
  • 06/2010: Stark Magazin Cover und Coverstory "Im Bad mit Silvia Hackl"
  • 10/2010: Starkmagazin Cover plus Fotografenportrait "Nackte Tatsachen"
  • 12/2010: Starkmagazin. Story "Haarkult"
  • 03/2011: Penthouse Cover und Fotostrecke
  • 05/2011: Penthouse Cover und Fotostrecke
  • 09/2011: Penthouse Cover und Fotostrecke
  • 10/2011: Penthouse Cover und Fotostrecke
  • 11/2011: Penthouse Fotografenportrait. Stefan Dokoupil, der Geschichtenerzähler
  • 01/2012: Penthouse Fotostrecke mit Brigitta Cimarroli
  • 02/2012: Delicious Dolls Cover und Fotostrecke "Sandy P.Peng"
  • 02/2012: Colorfoto Fachartikel "Perfekte Portraits"
  • 02/2013: Tophair int. Fotostrecke "1001 Nacht"
  • 07/2013: Madonna Fotostrecke "Festival-Frisuren"
  • 04/2013: DOCMA Cover und Fachartikel Fashion-Fotografie
  • 12/2013: TOPHAIR Austria Cover und Story Hall of Fame Collection
  • 01/2014: Tattoo Magazin Cover und Fotostrecke "Sandy P.Peng"
  • 01/2014: Lürzers Archive 200 best AD. Photographers worldwide
  • 09/2014: Österreichischer Friseur Cover + Story  iD Collection
  • 04/2015: PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazin Cover
  • 05/2015: WOMAN Fotostrecke/Story Majestic Sci-Fi
  • 06/2015: DIVA Mag. Fotostrecke/Story Domestos Collection
  • 06/2015: OVERHEAD Mag. Cover und Fotostrecke 1920 Mugshots Collection Mens Hairdresser of the Year
  • 07/2015: Tophair int. Fotostrecke/Story Colourist of the Year Collection
  • 07/2015: OVERHEAD Mag. Fotostecke/Story iD Collection
  • 07/2015: VOR Mag. Fotostrecke Hairdresser of the Year Majestic Sci-Fi Collection
  • 07/2015: MAXIMA FotostreckeHairdresser of the Year Majestic Sci-Fi Collection
  • 08/2015: Tophair int. Fotostrecke/Story Granny Style Domestos
  • 09/2015: WOMAN Fotostrecke Story Epic Collection
  • 10/2015: PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazin Fachartikel Haarige Sache
  • 10/2015: Österreichischer Friseur Fotostrecke Epic Collection
  • 12/2015: Österreichischer Friseur Fotostrecke DNA COLLECTION
  • 01/2016: Tophair int. Fotostrecke DNA by Lepschi & Lepschi
  • 03/2016: Tophair int. Story Domestos Collection
  • 03/2016: Österreichischer Friseur Cover und Fotostrecke Domestos Collection
  • 04/2016: Peluquerias Mag. Cover und Fotostrecke
  • 04/2016: Österreichischer Friseur Fotostrecke Hair is your life Collection
  • 06/2016: PHOTOGRAPHIE Magazin Fachartikel Benzin im Blut
  • 06/2016: Pelluquerias Mag. Fotostrecke 07/2016
  • 07/2016: OVERHEAD Mag. Fotostrecke Réglage Collection
  • 07/2016: TOPHAIR Mag. Fotostrecke Réglage Collection
  • 08/2016: Open Hair Mag. Fotostrecke iD Collection
  • 08/2016: Imsalon Mag. Fotostrecke Réglage Collection
  • 08/2016: Pelluquerias Mag. Doppelseite Réglage Collection
  • 09/2016: Pelluquerias Mag. Cover 1920s Mugshots
  • 11/2016: Elite Magazin Fotostrecke the CLASH
  • 01/2017: Imsalon Mag. Fotostrecke theCLASH
  • 03/2017: Tophair Mag. Fotostrecke Doppelseite theCLASH
  • 04/2017: Pelluquerias Mag. Fotostrecke theCLASH
  • 05/2017: Pelluquerias Mag. Fotostrecke Apocalyptica
  • 10/2017: Monoporn Mag. Fotostrecke Secrets


  • Erster Platz beim Wettbewerb zur Kunstausstellung "Natura 2008" in Altenmarkt.
  • Er war einer der Gewinner des "DOCMA Awards 2008".
  • 2011 gewann Dokoupil in Kooperation mit dem Linzer Starfrisör Alex Lepschi den Hairdressing-Award in den Sparten Avantgarde, Colour und Newcomer.
  • 2012 konnte Stefan Dokoupil den Staatsmeistertitel der Fotografie (Sparte Color) des Verbandes Österreichischer Amateurfotografen-Vereine (VÖAV) [4] für sich entscheiden.
  • 2012 gewann Dokoupil den Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award in den Sparten Avantgarde und Damen.
  • 2013 gewann Dokoupil den Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award in den Sparten Avantgarde und Damen.
  • 2013 Doppelseite und Listung "200 best Ad Photographers worldwide" Lürzer's Archiv
  • 2015 gewann Dokoupil den Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award in den Sparten Damen, Herren, Colour, Presse und Hairdresser of the Year 2015 mit Alexander Lepschi
  • 2017 gewann Dokoupil den Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award in der Sparte Damen mit Alexander Lepschi


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