The photographer Stefan Dokoupil, born in 1970, has developed a unique style of his creative mind as he brought photos to life. His pictures are picturesque, with quite funny style and show unusual perspectives. His attention to detail and the relentless development of his unique photo-editing techniques allow him to create images in which people can lose themselves in thought again and again. He is a master in the use of light and technology and seeks in all his projects to be redefined. His trademark is to polarize, as he takes up provocative themes in his works. He lives for his passion - photography.

Stefan Dokoupil is a freelance photographer based in London UK.


Before he began his career as a photographier ,he worked as a cameraman for various film productions and TV stations in Germany , such as Yellow Sunshine , Kabel 1 , Pro 7 , RTL, RTL2 , ZDF and ARD . After the decline of the Kirch empire , his path led him back to Austria , where he worked for the Upper Austrian private TV station LT1 , the Salzburg Salzburg TV  (now Servus TV from Red Bull) and private television broadcaster ORF TV reports turned . In 2006 he began to acquire the necessary knowledge for photography as an autodidact , 2008, he published  his first exhibition with the theme " The Seven Deadly Sins " . In the same year, the internationally acclaimed art project " clone Eve" [1 ] was born with the pencil artist and naturalist John Wieser . Since 2008 Stefan Dokoupil is also active as a workshop leader .

He had numerous publications and title pages in various magazines , such as photography, DOCMA , [2] Star / View, photo journal , Stark Magazine and Penthouse, among others with the U.S. R & B star Truth Hurts and Brigitta Cimarolli . In 2012, the photos were taken for the " Mozart Project" [3 ] in collaboration with Gregory 's novel , which caused controversial reactions , as well as the photos for the Alkbottle CD "Forever " . In October 2012 Stefan Dokoupil worked as a speaker and workshop leader at the " Image Days" in Salzburg, a photo exhibition event of the Salzburger Nachrichten , for the " Image Days 2013“, and was  creative director for the Salzburger Nachrichten . Since 2013 Dokoupil is represented in the Lürzer's Archive " 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide".

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  •     First place in the competition for the art exhibition " Natura 2008" in Altenmarkt .
  •     He was one of the winners of the " DOCMA Awards 2008 " .
  •     2011 won Dokoupil in cooperation with the Linzer Star hairdresser Alex Lepschi the Hairdressing Award in the fields of avant-garde , color and newcomers .
  •     2012 , Stefan Dokoupil won the national title of Photography ( division Color) decide the Association VÖAV [4 ] .
  •     2012 Dokoupil won the Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award in the categories avant-garde and ladies.
  •     2013 Dokoupil won the Schwarzkopf Hairdressing Award in the categories avant-garde and ladies.
  •     2013 Double side and Listing " 200 Best Ad Photographers worldwide" Luerzer 's Archive





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